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At Happy Finances, we are dedicated to helping people achieve financial serenity, peace of mind, and clarity. Through personalized one-on-one coaching and consulting, we empower our clients to gain awareness, create a budget that works for their lifestyle, and achieve their financial goals. We specialize in the YNAB (You Need A Budget) method to help increase business profits and improve personal finances. 

Many of us have developed an unhealthy and frustrating relationship with money. This could be because no one took time to teach us early on or life presented some unexpected challenges. Everyone is doing their best and wants the best for themselves, but having help along the way can be critical. Happy Finances does more than teach you the mechanics of money management; a coach supports you as you practice new behaviors and reminds you of the end goal. YNAB is an effective tool for changing your thinking about money, but the other important ingredients are your ability to be honest, willing, and open-minded throughout the process

Jenna Wilkins


Feeeling secure about my money situation has not always been the case for me! All of my 20s were spent slogging through a very unmanageable financial life. I had a low income and no idea where my precious dollars went by the end of the month. After complaining to a friend about feeling in the dark about my finances, she introduced me to YNAB as a tool to get things back on track. Since 2020, I've been using YNAB for my personal finances and running a house painting company. Adopting the YNAB method and sticking with it has given me an incredible amount of emotional relief and spiritual growth in my financial life. Now I want to share the software with others as a Certified YNAB Budget Coach. I look forward to seeing how I can work with you or your business to change your relationship with money and make your finances a happy topic.

Principles and Approach







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